Arm Fight Club

About Us

Joe Gould


"The Champ that runs the Camp"

"Solid" Joe Gould is a 6-time National Heavyweight Champion and 9-time Provincial Champion.

Joe started the Belleville Armwrestling Club in 1995 and has promoted tournaments since 2001.

Joe is a certified referee by the CAWF.

When Joe's not kicking butt on the armwrestling table, you'll usually hear him on the mic.

Rebecca Gould


"The Face that runs the Place"

Rebecca Gould is a former Arm Melter Professional belt holder, has placed top 3 at the CAWF Nationals and once won $1000 in an armwrestling contest!

Rebecca is a certified referee by the CAWF.

You can see Rebecca at the scorekeepers table and handling registrations.