Arm Fight Club

Professional Series

November 2019-June 2020

6-event double elimination supermatch series within weight classes for a Custom Championship Belt.

8 competitors per class.  (Womens classes require minimum 4 competitors.)  Competitors will face opponents in a best of 5 supermatch.

-NO clothing allowance

-Seeding done by random draw

-Arm Fight Club t-shirt provided.

-Double elimination format, (lose 2 supermatches and you are eliminated), until the finals, where it is a winner take all, best of 5 Supermatch.  

  • Mens Weight Classes Right and Left; 176, 210, 211+
  • Womens Weight Classes Right and Left; 176, 177+

-$120 per class for participation in 6-round series.   (Involvement in all 6 events is not guaranteed.  Example, if you lose your first 2 supermatches, you are eliminated)

- Fee is paid prior to the first event, (November 9th 2019), no holds.

-Competition t-shirt provided in Rounds 1 and 6 for those still involved.  T-shirt provided must be worn  at each event in order to participate.  It must be in good condition, unaltered and not defaced.

-Final 2 competitors in each weight class perform on stage at the Toronto Pro Supershow for a Custom Championship Belt and $500.

Schedule for 2019/2020:

Nov 9 -Belleville Ramada

Jan 11 - Belleville Ramada

Feb 8 - Belleville Ramada

Mar 14 - Belleville Ramada

Apr 4 - Belleville Ramada

June 12-14 - Toronto - Metro Toronto Convention Centre 

Example Format - 8 opponents, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Stage 1

A vs B

C vs D

E vs F

G vs H

Bold indicates Winner

Stage 2


A vs C

E vs G


B vs D (D finishes 8th)

F vs H (H finishes 7th)

Stage 3


A vs E


B vs F (F finishes 6th)

C vs G (G finishes 5th)

Stage 4


A-bye - no match


B vs C (C finishes 4th)

E-bye - no match

Stage 5


A-bye - no match


E vs B (B finishes 3rd)

Stage 6





A vs E (A finishes 1st, E finishes 2nd)